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A Carpentier Brut Champagne

A Carpentier Brut Champagne (Andre Carpentier Champagne)

Andre Carpentier Champagne

  A most auspicious occasion prompted us to open this bottle... a royal wedding, and the full complement of Directors were on hand for this tasting. It as a rare occasion when the television was present at the tasting too, a true historic occasion!

It must be said at the outset that not one of us had ever heard of this Champagne, from Alliance Champagne. However, not to be deterred, it was chosen from the vaults to toast Charles and Camilla. The bottle itself is quite minimal in design, “no frills” was a much bandied around term, but with all the frills and furbelows festooning the wedding guests on telly, it seemed an inappropriate term... perhaps "basic" would be better then?

The bottle was popped and a pale straw yellow Champagne burst forth. Not too sparkling in the glass, but with a pleasant fine mousse in the mouth, “foamy” said one taster. Hints of cantaloupe melon, vanilla, tarragon and herbaceousness combined to produce a light and leafy tipple. Its dry finish complemented its overall crispness and all in the room toasted a glass to the happy couple.

After the tasting, a note was found in the room, its author anonymous:

"It tasted of herbs with swirls of vanilla
As we toasted the health of Charles and Camilla"

No one has owned up to penning this yet.

Champagne Grape Blend:

A Carpentier Brut Champagne Capsule
3.5Pleasure Incurred

Producer: A Carpentier

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Andre Carpentier Champagne Cork
A Carpentier Brut Champagne Cork
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